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Certain Standard is a standard that goes well beyond the things we make.

It’s an elevated bar for how we live and act. We’re a brand for people who give a damn about the things they carry and the impact they have on this world we all share. That’s why we’re donating a percentage of every purchase to organizations helping make our world a better, brighter place.

There are two organizations who share our belief that humanity, connectivity, and creativity can help change the world. By registering your product, you choose which organization your purchase will directly impact.

Global Nomads Group

Global Nomads Group fosters dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. They use technology to connect cultures and communities around the world. They are virtual bridge builders. They are humanitarians. They are galvanizers, bringing together today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders to help solve our world’s biggest challenges.

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Nest supports and champions global artisans and their traditional crafts. They believe in people and help create opportunities for them to thrive as makers and businesses. Working with global artisans and brands, Nest is creating a more inclusive global economy with the power to alleviate poverty, strengthen families, and preserve creative and cultural traditions.

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