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Full Coverage Guarantee

Our goods are made using high-quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. That’s why we stand behind them with our Full Coverage Guarantee: If our products stop working like they should at any time in the first two years that you own them, then we’ll replace them for free. And if that style isn’t available, then we’ll replace it with a similar one. We’ve got you covered.

We feel like we're stating the obvious here, but umbrellas can catch the wind. While we put our umbrellas through rain soakers, wind tunnels, and real-world elements to ensure a certain standard of quality, hurricane-force winds aren’t any fun. Our advice in such a situation is to stay inside, put on some music, have a cocktail, and wait it out.


Full Coverage Guarantee - Simple Claim Process

If you’re having an issue with one of our products, then simply send us an email with a few photos, a description of the problem, and your shipping information (name, address, mobile phone) to We’ll then work to get you squared away ASAP. Done and done.