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Can I expedite my order?

You sure can. Just select an expedited shipping option in your checkout cart. It costs a bit more, but we get it—we’re impatient, too.

Can I personalize my umbrella?

You sure can. We offer laser engraving right into our cork handles. And because every piece of cork is a little different, every monogram is that much more unique. We think that's kinda cool.

Are you guys hiring?

We’re always excited to meet new people who will make us better. We love big thinkers and rule breakers. We don’t believe in timesheets or formalities. We don’t care where you went to school or who you know (unless you know Chris Pratt, because he seems like someone we’d want to have a few drinks with). Be smart. Be ambitious. If this sounds like the right fit, then tell us a bit about yourself here, or email us at

Do you do collaborations?

Sure. We love doing cool stuff with other cool brands who share our point of view on the world. Click here or send us a note at if you want to make beautiful music together.

Do you have a physical store?

We sure do. We opened our Seattle studio in 2018. The address is 3801 Stone Way N, Suite E, Seattle, WA 98103. Pop by to check out our stuff, do some shopping, or even just say hello.

How do I clean my umbrella?

Our products are designed to withstand the elements, but not impervious to a little dirt now and then. Visit our Product Care page for some more detailed tips.

What are your umbrellas made of?

Love and a few other wonderful things.

    The handles are Portuguese cork that's naturally water resistant.
    The canopies are high-quality pongee UV rated to 40 UPF.
    The frames are reinforced fiberglass and composite that are light, yet sturdy.
    The large shafts are high-grade, powder-coated steel for added strength and rich color.
    The small shafts are black anodized steel and aluminum for lightweight durability.

Where are your umbrellas made?

Each and every one of our products are designed in Seattle. And after searching the world over, we found that the best umbrella makers in the world are in China. Our manufacturing partner has been making umbrellas for more than 50 years with unparalleled commitment to quality, design, craftsmanship, and innovation where it matters.

What are your sustainable practices?

We’re sincere about the impact we make on the world as people, designers, and makers of things. We value sustainable and environmentally responsible practices and processes where possible, and believe sustainability is largely about creating things that stand the test of time. Things made from quality materials designed to last.

Can I return something?

Of course. We want you to be happy. Visit our Shipping and Returns page for more info.

Do you have a guarantee or warranty?

You bet we do. We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship, so all of our products are backed by our Full Coverage Guarantee.

How do you test your products?

Thoroughly. We put our umbrellas through a 30+ point inspection including rain soakers, wind tunnels, and real-world elements to ensure a certain standard of quality. And we do general material and finished goods testing on our other products to ensure they're u to our standards.

What if my umbrella flips inside out?

We’ve designed our umbrellas to live through serious weather without breaking, which means they can safely flip inside out in extreme wind.

To get it back to normal, get out of the wind for a few seconds, gently bend the canopy back down, and voila!

That said, hurricane-force winds aren’t any fun. Our advice in such a situation is to stay inside, put on some music, have a cocktail, and wait it out.