About Us

The Backstory

It started on a rainy day in Seattle, watching person after person walk by with an ugly umbrella, a boring umbrella, a broken umbrella, or no umbrella at all. How did the umbrella fall so far that it was barely more stylish and functional than holding a newspaper over your head? So, we designed a better one with a focus on the details that matter— beautiful colors, premium materials, quality craftsmanship, everyday usability. An umbrella that helps you look great and stay dry. An umbrella you’ll actually want to carry, assuming you like getting compliments.

What Makes Us Tick

We believe that color and design bring brightness to people’s lives. We believe that the things we carry are more than just things, but symbols of who we are. We believe in designing things that hit on a level way beyond function. An umbrella should do more than keep you dry. A bag should do more than hold your things. A leash should do more than keep your dog from running away. They should make you feel good. They should make you smile. Life’s real story is written by the company you keep, places you go, and things you choose to carry— literally and figuratively. A life full of stories, risks, experiments, variety, and joy. It’s our aim to raise the standard of the cargo suited for such a journey.

About The Founders

Certain Standard is the brainchild turned obsession of Jason Sullivan, Price Eberts, and Clara Mulligan. Three ambitiously creative souls who believe that actions speak louder than words, design can change the world, details are everything, and that anyone who says you have to choose between beautiful and well-made is dead wrong. They don’t come from the world of fashion and that’s a very good thing because it needs some freshness. They’re designers, marketers, and strategists with a unique perspective on the world, its products, and the people who use them. It’s that whole art-science combo thing.