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New York Magazine: The Best Umbrellas, According to Seattleites

by Certain Standard |

When tasked with finding the best umbrellas, it seemed like a no-brainer to ask the people of Seattle, a notoriously rainy city, about their favorites. It turns out that umbrellas are a polarizing topic. Several Seattleites I reached out to declined to recommend any umbrellas because “only tourists use them.” But this staunchly anti-umbrella stance is a bit hyperbolic, and there are still plenty of Seattle residents who would rather carry around an umbrella in case of rain than wear a raincoat or rain poncho all of the time. (It does seem, however, that good rain boots are nonnegotiable, no matter your preference.) Below, seven pro-umbrella Seattleites on the umbrellas they trust to keep them dry.
Gramercy Large in Black
Gramercy Large in Black

“I’ve been a Seattleite for ten years now and just recently stumbled upon my favorite umbrella ever by an amazing new Seattle brand: Certain Standard. The brand is all about creating things that are beautifully designed, well-made, and straight-up make you feel good. I now carry the Certain Standard Gramercy Large umbrella wherever I go. It aligns with my style, is of incredible quality, and is something I’m truly proud to carry with me around the city.” —Cortney Bigelow, creator and editor, the Grey Edit


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