The Best Gifts Under $40 For Mother’s Day. Hint: Not A Macaroni Necklace.

While hand-painted mugs and macaroni necklaces pull at the heartstrings, our very scientific research indicates that a little utility never disappoints a busy mom. That’s why we invited some of the most dynamic and bad-ass mom bosses we know to SwearBy HQ in Brooklyn to gather for wine (obviously) and share the items under $40 that they swear by as easy, inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day. Then, we swapped items so everybody walked away with someone else’s Swear. We figure that a SwearBy Swap is the ultimate endorsement: if you’d want to buy it for yourself, then it makes a really good gift for someone else. Following is a compilation of some of the best little indulgences under $40 for busy moms.

15. Certain Standard Umbrella

“I discovered this chic new umbrella brand and now I’m obsessed. They are so well made and come in the cutest colors. I think that once you have a durable, pretty umbrella as a true accessory, you’ll refuse to carry those flimsy throw-away umbrellas. I feel like a grown up when I have it. But, in a good way.”   Kate Foster Lengyel