A Certain Something About Vienna

‘Tis the season to start thinking about New Year’s Eve plans. Sure, it feels early. But let’s take a moment to reflect on that feeling you get every December when you realize you’re going to be stuck drinking cheap champagne and playing Heads Up with your basic friends or listening to Uncle Pete talk about his cat….

This year, we are giving you the gift of foresight to get that sorted. Hint: It involves the waltz and hot dogs. 

Ah, Vienna. This Austrian city feels timeless yet classic, with its architectural streetscapes serving as the perfect canvas for a thriving art & culture scene. We’re here because we love a good party, especially on New Year’s Eve, and Vienna has one of the best. Let’s go over the action plan.

2pm: Travelers and locals alike spill out onto the streets in City Hall Square and in the Prater for a debaucherous night of eating, drinking, dancing and socializing. You’re doing all four of those things.

7pm: The Vienna State Opera House begins its live performance of "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss, a time-honored tradition that is screened on the video wall in front of the Opera House. You’re watching and you’re overwhelmed by the beauty of music.

Vienna State Opera House

10pm: It’s time for an important break from cultural events to fully inhale a mustard-covered hot dog from famed stand, Bitzinger. Yum.

Bitzinger Vienna

12am: The clock strikes midnight and fireworks set ablaze above City Hall Square. You’re watching but you’re also embracing a lover or a stranger while dancing the Viennese waltz to ring in the new year, alongside thousands of other people.

Vienna Old Town

Happy New Year! Enjoy the magic, friends.