A Certain Something About Seattle

When someone says Seattle a few things immediately come to mind: rain, salmon, coffee, Amazon, Macklemore, Pearl Jam, Gray’s Anatomy. And all are certainly valid. What likely doesn’t come to mind is the most interesting holiday light show in the universe. It involves lights, caroling, partying, parades, and oh yeah, boats.

Seattle is our hometown and absolutely one of the coolest and most beautiful cities in the world. Arts and culture. Check. Bustling food and drink scene. Yep. Amazing live music. Uh huh. Epic natural beauty. Most definitely. Now combine all of those things into one festive package and you have the Seattle Christmas Ship experience. From Thanksgiving through Christmas, you can be a passenger on the official Argosy ships, parade along in private boats (make a new friend), or hang out and celebrate on shore as the ships stop by various waterfront points throughout Seattle. It’s so perfectly awesome and weird. 

We know it's not even Halloween yet, but we're the planning type. Pack your appetite and ugly Christmas sweater and come celebrate the holidays Seattle-style. It probably goes it without saying, but we expect you all to stop by the studio to say hello when you’re here. Eggnog latte anyone?


Photo Credit: Rudy Willingham