A Certain Something About Los Angeles

It’s sunny and 75 in Los Angeles, and the future is calling. Ring, ring. Hello, it’s the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Yes, that is a caveman and a robot in our storefront…

Here, you can buy curiosities like Wooly Mammoth Chunks, Time-Freezy Hyper Slush, Barbarian Repellant Leeches in a Jar and Primordial Soup in a Can. Weird? Obviously. More to the story? Of course. This super-freaky twilight zone is actually also home to a non-profit organization that offers free tutoring and creative writing classes for kids. It’ll surprise and delight your fellow comrades, and your purchases help foster our youth, so add it to your list before those beers at Mohawk Bend.


You’ve never been so prepared for the fourth dimension.