A Certain Something About London

London’s calling. The books will tell you that there are buses to ride and pubs to visit, and there are, and you should take that double-decker and have that pint. But have you ever wondered what it was like to be inside a kaleidoscope?

Tucked away in an English neighborhood full of young creatives and artists, there lies a warehouse full of very bright things. It’s called God’s Own Junkyard, and it’s a mandatory stop when you’re popping around London town. GOJY is packed from head-to-toe with vintage neon signs, retro displays, disco balls and old movie props in all shapes and sizes, creating a maze that makes you feel like you’re on psychedelics.

This impressive collection is the passion project of Chris Bracey, an artist and lighting designer who’s crafted, collected, and restored neon for the past 40 years. Would you believe us if we told you this place also moonlights as a cafe, called Rolling Scones? Believe it. It’s happening. Grab a cuppa and some cake and enjoy the show.

A colorful journey awaits, regardless of weather.