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A Certain Something About Hong Kong

by Certain Standard |

By day, Visage One on Hollywood Road is a tiny, intimate hair salon where you can get a killer bob from owner Benky Chan in his one-man-shop. By night, though, this place transforms into something different, something special. Enter: a super-secret jazz club.


We’ll paint you a little picture: it’s Saturday night at 9pm and Benky has invited some musicians from his extremely talented network to come by the shop and jam out for the next three hours. There’s no tickets, no entrance fee…there’s not even a stage. You’re entering through the back alley and all of a sudden, boom, you’re face-to-face with the performers, mingling at this highly unusual social gathering. Lucky for you, the bar has something to help you feel loose. How about a whiskey? Good. Now allow yourself to embrace the strange as the musicians fill this speakeasy - and your soul - with some funky jazzy goodness.


We’d like to say “keep this between us,” but your friends deserve to know, so how about we just agree to tell the people we love and keep this thing precious? Tell Benky we say hello when you go, and until then, stay dry out there.

 (Images from @ted.chaomin, @allenlai_adventure, @beta_aq, @viccccc_xu, and @camillelevert)