A Certain Something About Hobart

Press pause on the natural beauty for a night, head on down to Hobart Harbor, and harken back to the the golden age? Well, what we consider it to be, anyway. Where you had to call a girl on her house phone and go through her mom or worse, her dad, to ask her out on a date? And then you would go to a small, quiet theatre to sit silently and watch a film together? We do, and we want to bring you back to that.

Hobart Harbor, State Theatre, Cafe Wineglass Bay

Enter: The State Theatre in Hobart, a place where you can celebrate tradition and all things cinematic while sipping delectable Australian wines. Sure, it may seem unconventional to sit in a theatre on vacation, but why don’t you trust us and give it a go. Promise it’ll be just what you need after a day of tackling Wineglass Bay.

Plus, you’ll almost certainly stay dry in there.