A Certain Something About Copenhagen

Copenhagen is where fairy tales begin, with colorful architecture and world-class design that blend seamlessly into the cityscape. While it’s not an intuitive experience to seek out tacos here, we’ve found the ones that will make your dreams come true. Plus, there’s something extra captivating about taking a bite of a cod skin taco while looking out over a canal. Right?

Helmed by a badass Mexican-American chef, Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen serves the best tacos this side of anywhere. Rosio Sanchez has created one of those places that everyone talks about here in the States but few make it to, with an air of mystery about her that only intensifies after learning about her exceptional culinary pedigree. Having held positions at high-end restaurants across the city, including Noma, Rosio decided to go back to her roots, creating a lineup of tacos that will knock your socks off and through the door. One bite is enough for us to insist you book a flight, but it is summer, so enjoy that pretty city view, too. Trust us when we say, these tacos are anything but mainstream.


Grab your passport, it’s time to fly.