A Certain Something About Chiang Mai

Serving as the cultural hub for the country, with rolling mountaintops and old-world history, Chiang Mai is where you go when you want an authentic Thai experience.

We definitely fall into the “learn-by-doing” category, so when given the opportunity to learn how to cook traditional Thai cuisine from the country’s greatest grannies, we jumped at the chance. How can you resist a warm hug and a cup of lemongrass tea? You can’t. So you’re going to Chiang Mai.

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School is located on a farm, just 20-minutes outside the city center. This under-the-radar school is an extension of a Thai family’s home, so it gets really personal really fast. Oh, and their pantry is right out the back door so get ready to break bread on a totally different level.

Of course, there is teaching happening, but there’s no strict schedule or set menu. You’ll weave through the dozens of vegetables and herbs, try them all, and then make a game plan for your upcoming feast. Here’s what we cooked, if you want to take a page from our playbook: papaya salad, green curry with chicken, khao soi, pad thai, tom yum soup, sticky rice with mango.

Yes, we did nap after this. In a hammock. You will, too.