5 Things You’ll love About a Certain Standard Umbrella

Let’s be honest, most umbrellas are either gimmick eyesores or cheap, disposable pieces of junk. That’s exactly why we set out to create the best umbrella in the world. An umbrella that you’ll actually want to carry. Here are the top 5 things you’ll love about a Certain Standard umbrella:

1.) The Way It Looks

Maybe it’s a little brightness on a gray day. Maybe it’s the custom colors and patterns. Maybe it’s the clean lines. Maybe it’s the intentionally crafted combinations and touches that make this the best-looking umbrella on the planet. We designed this umbrella to be as fashionable as anything in your wardrobe.

2.) The Way It Feels

The luxury feel of an all-natural cork handle anchors a lightweight umbrella that feels good in light rain or blustery winds. Clunky isn’t our vocabulary so there aren’t any extraneous bits and pieces to clink, clank, or get stuck. Both the large umbrellas and small sizes are balanced and easy to carry when open or closed.

3.) Stylish AND Durable

As great as this umbrella looks, it just might be even more durable. Don’t think this beauty is all looks and no substance. Its lightweight feel is complemented by a super-strong fiberglass-composite frame and artisan construction that’s wind tested to over 50 MPH. Add the fact that our premium fabric is UV rated to 40 UPF to protect you from the sun and you get an umbrella that’s truly weatherproof.

4.) Compliments Are Always Welcome

We’re guessing you never thought about loving an umbrella this much. And we’re near certain you never thought your umbrella would get you compliments. Both are true. Forget those fancy boots or killer new denim. Our umbrellas are a beacon for smiles and small talk as you take walk through life rain or shine.

5.) Feel Great About Looking Great

It’s our mission to help feel great by looking great. And that goes beyond those carrying our umbrellas. 5% of all profits are donated to organizations helping make our world a better, brighter place so you aren’t’ the only one that umbrella is protecting.

Now, what are you waiting for?