Design Thoughts: Finally A Strong & Stylish Umbrella That Fits In Your Bag

Most compact umbrellas on the market are disposable pieces of junk. For us, it was about designing a small umbrella that’s compact enough to stash in your bag, big enough to keep you and a friend dry, and durable enough to protect you from nearly any weather: rain, wind, snow, sleet, sun. Oh, and making it so damn stylish that you’ll almost forget about how damn well-made it is. We took the same colorful, fashion-forward approach we did on The Large Umbrella, using the same premium materials and high-quality craftsmanship. The same fiberglass-composite frame, the same all-natural cork handle, and even more custom color combinations and patterns on the oversized, UV-rated canopy. Whether you’re throwing it in your travel bag or taking your dog for a walk, this umbrella is proof that luxury comes in all shapes and sizes.


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