Design Thoughts: Designing A Luxury Umbrella That Lasts

The age-old saying “quality over quantity” seems obvious to us. Buy better things, less often. Not only are high-quality goods likely to last longer on their own, but you’re more apt to take care of them. At least that’s how we feel.

Quality products start with quality materials. We didn’t set out the reinvent the umbrella. We set out to make a better with a focus on the details that would do just that. That meant premium fabrics that are naturally water-resistant and UV protectant. It meant super lightweight frames that are more durable than 99.9% of umbrellas out there. It meant natural cork handles that not only feel and look great, but are environmentally friendly on their own.

There’s an art to artisanship. And our umbrellas are made by the finest craftspeople in the industry. Hand-cut canopies, hand-shaped handles, and tailored stitching are all steps in the process. Each and every one of our umbrellas is hand-assembled and individually tested to make sure it’s up to a certain standard of quality.

Our umbrellas aren’t bulletproof, but they’re built to last. Or as we say, stand out while standing up to whatever life throws at you. Almost a billion (with a “b”) umbrellas end up in landfills each year and 99.9% of them are pieces of junk that look like pieces of junk. We aimed to solve that by making something worth carrying and holding onto.

The next time you think about what kind of umbrella you want in your bag or over your head, think about one that does more than just keeps you dry. Why not carry something that looks great, stands the test of time, gets you a few compliments, and makes you feel good along the way.