Design Thoughts: A Modern Take On The Stacking Diner Mug

We love the simplicity and utility of the classic, stacking diner mugs found all over the world. What we don’t love are the look, feel, quality, and overall aesthetic. So, we called up our friends at Portland-based Clay Factor Ceramics, and created our own with a heavy dose of design, style, color, luxury, and high-end detail that take the stacking, ceramic mug to a whole new level. These large mugs are hand-crafted, triple-sanded, double-fried, slip casted, custom colored, and given so much love that you can’t help but get attached. They look and feel amazing, yet offer the durability and usability (dishwasher and microwave safe) of your everyday mug. Don’t be surprised if coffee or tea aren’t  the only things you’ll be drinking from these mugs. No judgment here.


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